Securing SSH Service on Fedora/RHEL/CentOS

So you’ve deployed your new VPS or cloud server and SSH is served up on port 22 with password authentication. If you’re reading this, you already know that’s entirely insecure and just begging to be attacked. I’ll detail my procedure for hardening SSH on Fedora Linux, the distro I run. This should also work on downstream RHEL and CentOS, and broadly speaking on any SSH server, though some bits may differ.


Leaving Windows for Linux on my Primary System

Few outside the technology business may be fully aware that Windows 10 arrives in the context of a major strategy shift at Microsoft. Feeling the heat from Google, Apple, and others, Microsoft needs to mutate and evolve its business models to compete in the end user computing marketplace. Selling Windows and Office licenses for whatever number of cents OEMs pay them for the right to ship these products on newly purchased machines is no longer cutting it in an age of falling PC sales. There’s new business out there, a pie they’re hungry for a big piece of. …