Tutoring in computer science, software engineering, UNIX/Linux system administration, network security, and web development subjects

Scott has successfully mentored students ranging from elementary through university and professional level in a wide variety of subjects, including but not limited to those listed below. Scott finds teaching very rewarding and has logged many hundreds of hours of instruction in a combination of classroom, private in-person, and online one-on-one and group settings.

Computer Programming Subjects

  • AP Computer Science in Java
  • Introductory Computer Programming
  • Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, C/C++, others
  • Data Structures and Algorithms

Professional IT Subjects

  • UNIX and Linux System Administration / DevOps
  • Web Application Development
  • Network Security and Web Security Engineering

Topics such as these lend themselves very well to online sessions using e.g. Zoom, web whiteboard, remote desktop sharing, etc.

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