WordPress Security Testing Service

  • Security testing for web sites built with WordPress
  • Scanning using the same tools hackers use
  • Identification of vulnerabilities, permissive controls, and insecure functionality
  • Targeted interpretation and recommendations for proactive security hardening

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Threats to WordPress

WordPress is massively deployed on the web because it’s free, powerful, and extensible. 40% of all web sites run it. It dominates every other content management system and web application framework out there in popularity.

That very popularity, though, makes WordPress an attractive target for attackers. Not only are there a multitude of installs, but hackers know WordPress is often woefully poorly secured.

The focus of WordPress development is on adding features, not security. The vast plugin ecosystem that provides such deep extensibility also creates giant security liabilities. Meanwhile, developers habitually neglect to even mention the need for ongoing security management to site owners.

WordPress Security Testing: an Expert Tactical Evaluation of Your Site

This testing service assesses your site from two directions. The first mimics the techniques prospective intruders use to case your site for exploitation. The second thoroughly evaluates your site’s security from a WordPress administrator’s vantage point.

These assessments complement one another to effectively identify vulnerabilities, permissive controls, and insecure functionality on your site. The results are compiled into a detailed report with findings, interpretation, and recommended corrective actions.


  • See your site as attackers see it
  • Discover security gaps
  • Mitigate intrusion risk
  • Gain personalized, expert insight and interpretation
  • Guide corrective measures

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The web security threatscape advances very quickly. It is ideal to perform this assessment on a monthly basis to stay ahead of security state drift and newly disclosed vulnerabilities.

Security incidents can stop your business in its tracks. Don’t leave your site’s security to chance.