Prevent expensive incidents and outages before they strike.

The key to trouble-free computing is an intelligently crafted, well managed defensive security strategy. No off-the-shelf product or service can provide this, nor can just any vendor. It takes a partner committed to understanding your environment and developing the right plan to safeguard your sensitive systems, networks, and customer records.


Scott Brown is a professional software developer and computer security expert. He has extensive industry and field experience in system administration, application development, and security management.

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Scott works with individuals and businesses in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, and worldwide online to protect their vital data, fortify their security posture, and realize the maximum potential of their technology investments.

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You don't have to go it alone in today's hazardous computing environment or become an IT expert yourself just to keep your business running smoothly. Let's discuss your idea, project, or problem.

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TrueCrypt Traveler Disk Setup

Applications of TrueCrypt, Part 1: Encrypted CDs

I previously discussed the merits of disk encryption as a countermeasure against the physical theft of portable computers and the leakage of private and confidential records that could ensue. But Full Disk Encryption is just scratching the surface of what can be done; the concept can and should be extended to all types of storage media, including portable media. I am currently using TrueCrypt‘s encrypted file-container volume capabilities to create encrypted CD-R’s and USB memory sticks both as part of my own regular secure backup and data vaulting operations and in the implementation of secure backup and data portability solutions for my customers. …

Block Third Party Cookies

Recommended Practices for Browser Security and Privacy

Historically, advertisements were limited to operating in one direction: from your newspaper, radio, or television screen to you. Enter the full duplex, bidirectional intertubes, and now advertisers have a slew of lucrative new methods to target the awful nuisance of advertisements to you. The history of sites you visit and your search history (behavioral targeting), the content of the page you’re browsing at the time (contextual advertising), and potentially all sorts of demographic and personally characterizing information may be in scope depending on the application (think e.g. Facebook). …