TrueCrypt 7.1 Released

Sparse remarks in the changelog for today’s updated release of the TrueCrypt free open-source disk encryption tool, version 7.1, the first new release in nearly a year. Primarily it looks like they have added support for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. I venture the usual assessment that this update may safely be viewed as optional for users already running at least TrueCrypt 7.0, the most recent major release, absent those experiencing any specific issues.


September 1, 2011

      New features:

  • Full compatibility with 64-bit and 32-bit Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

      Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes  (Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux)

I’ll be upgrading several systems here from version 7.0a and expect zero issues. I’ve been running TrueCrypt since version 6.0a in late 2008, and never experienced a single issue upgrading or at any other time. It’s a rock solid program, though the authors are something of a black hole.

If you don’t already have Full Disk Encryption on your portable laptop or notebook computers, this fresh release presents an excellent opportunity to get serious about data theft prevention and fortify your security posture. I offer full service TrueCrypt Full Disk Encryption installation for those who are most comfortable having an expert consultant perform the procedure using streamlined tools. Contact me for information.


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